As Covid-19 cases have dropped over the last few months, teachers and students have either returned to the classroom or plan on returning in the fall. But with the recent rise of the Delta variant schools are considering stricter rules than originally planned, creating new challenges for educators.

One of these challenges is mandatory face masks. Not only do teachers need to ensure students wear masks properly, they also need to be sure they can be heard through their own masks. Masks muffle teachers’ voices, making it difficult for students to hear lessons and impeding both teaching and classroom management. Speaking loudly isn’t a solution since it will cause voice strain in the long term. 

Luckily there is a technological solution. AVerMedia’s AW315F wireless microphone can easily pick up a person’s voice under a mask. With a 50 to 60 ft. operating range and 8-hour battery life, teachers can freely move around the classroom while still being heard. Also, the receivers can be paired with several mics, so every teacher can have their own microphone even if they share rooms, allowing them to avoid sharing and maintain hygiene. Moreover, the AW315F is compatible with nearly any amplified speaker, so schools can connect them to the speakers they already have.

For classrooms that don’t have speakers AVerMedia has the GS-68C classroom soundbar. This is a 80W Bluetooth device that even hearing-impaired students will be able to hear. It works on its own or seamlessly with an interactive flat panel (IFP) or interactive touch panel (ITP).

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, but with new technologies we are better equipped than ever to keep everyone safe while making sure students get the education they need. If you have questions about how AVerMedia can help your school overcome the challenges of the pandemic don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us a message.

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