Interactive flat panel (IFP) displays are increasingly common in classrooms. These large, all-in-one touchscreens replace projectors and interactive whiteboards, which are less versatile and more expensive. IFPs help keep students engaged, including those learning remotely, and make teaching easier. But with the pandemic requiring social distancing, masks, and plexiglass dividers, all of which block sound, many IFPs’ built-in speakers are now inadequate to ensure students can hear clearly.

Soundbars are a great solution for boosting IFP’s speakers.

AVerMedia has a couple solutions for this problem. The AW315F wireless microphone, which we introduced in our post about masks, works seamlessly with any IFP and gives teachers the freedom to walk around their classroom. All AW315 microphones can be connected to any AW315 receiver, so teachers can keep their own microphone and avoid sharing with others, avoiding the risk of passing on infectious diseases.  

We also have a solution for audio output. Our GS-68C 80W Bluetooth classroom soundbar provides sharp sound loud enough for students throughout the classroom to easily hear what’s going on, even with safety dividers and social distancing. The GS-68C can be easily mounted on a wall or cart above or below an IFP and can be paired with the AW315F microphone.

If you have any questions about our audio systems for classroom IFPs please feel free to drop us a line!

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