As most K-12 students return to the classroom, teachers need to set up their classrooms for hybrid learning. Hybrid learning is a learning environment model where a portion of students attend in-person while others attend remotely through an online video platform, such as Zoom. It helps make social distancing easier by limiting the number of students in the classroom.

An essential tool for hybrid learning classrooms are webcams that can be connected to the computer. With a webcam, students virtually can see what they would normally see if they were attending class in-person. Although teachers can use their laptop cameras to stream their lesson, laptop cameras often provide poor video quality and the laptop itself makes it difficult to set up in the most optimal position. With an external webcam, teachers have more flexibility in setting up their classroom and can provide better video quality to help remote students learn more easily.  

AVerMedia PW315 webcam on tripod for hybrid learning

The PW513 4K webcam and PW315 Full HD webcam are designed to provide the best and most interactive hybrid learning experience for teacher and students. With an ultra-wide 94° field-of-view and built-in microphones, both webcams are perfect at capturing the teacher, whiteboard, and any voices with clarity. Speaker tracking and ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt, and zoom) can always keep the teacher in focus, even when he or she is walking around, so remote students can follow along during the lesson. Both webcams provide versatile setup with a universal mounting clip that can be attached to any computer monitor or tripod (1/4” standard thread). The webcams can also be swiveled 360° for further flexibility when finding the perfect angle. Both are USB plug and play and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook operating systems as well as Zoom and Google Meet.

Teaching in front of the PW313 live streamer cam

A setup that uses the PW310P autofocus webcam or PW313 live streamer cam, provides a more standard hybrid learning experience. Both webcams will provide crystal clear 1080p video with a 73° field-of-view that can fit both the teacher and whiteboard into the video frame. Like the two previous webcams mentioned, both have the same flexible setup and compatibility with OS and video platforms.

With so many new challenges in today’s classroom, educators have had to constantly adapt to new environments and technology. AVerMedia keeps things simple with their webcams so teachers don’t need to worry about any difficulties and can focus on teaching.

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